How to become a part of the vision

The Vision. The Strategy. The Results #4

The inspiration to work can be the desire to STASH (hoard) merely to possess and control, or the desire to SAVE and PRESEVE in order to GIVE away. A sacrifice inspired by sincere selflessness in the name of God, brings genuine joy! “It is more blessed to give…” (Acts 20:35). “The lust of the eyes… from the world.” That which we call jealousy and envy is now the most powerful drive of progress in our society. But only that which we SAVE, consciously set aside as a sacrifice for God, will make us a part of His kingdom and His plans on earth. God is ready to entrust me with an equal amount of what I am capable of GIVING away, or put into circulation and provide a return. Return to Him what is already His, with profit!

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